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The Academy of Justice (Szkoła Wyższa Wymiaru Sprawiedliwości, SWWS), initially called The Higher School of Criminology and Penitentiary Science, was established on 31 August 2018 by the Minister of Justice pursuant to the Act of 20 July 2018 (Journal of Laws 2018, pos. 1461).

From 1 October 2021 on, The Academy of Justice (SWWS) begins educating students at a new course of long-cycle, full-time, free master degree studies in law with a practical profile. The legal studies conducted by the Academy of Justice offer, among others, a practical curriculum, individual student advisors, the teaching of legal foreign languages, internship and scholarship programmes, financial aid, accommodation in the school’s dormitory and access to on-line coursebooks. The aim of the studies is to educate future lawyers who will possess the highest technical and professional qualifications and have the appropriate ethical standards necessary to practise legal professions, especially those aimed at serving for the benefit of the Polish State.

During the first 6 semesters, students will possess a general theoretical knowledge of the basic branches of law. Then they select one of the three specialisation paths:

  • court and prosecutor,
  • legal regulated professions,
  • consular-legislative.

SWWS will guarantee an individual approach to the student, working in small learning groups, and a mentoring system based on assigning a lecturer to a student, who will oversee progress and development toward the chosen specialisation path. Mentor support will also include preparation for taking exams for the selected legal training. As part of the programme of studies, students will also have courses in IT, philosophy and psychology. In the course of the foreign language class, students will learn legal terminology.

Thanks to a practical degree profile combining classical academic teaching and legal vocational training, students will acquire both theoretical knowledge and extensive professional experience and a range of practical skills during their studies. Training in the Legal studies in SWWS will be of a practical nature. In order to contribute to that, students will study in small groups, they will be given individual scientific support (mentoring) and the possibility to choose (from the 4th year on) one of the three professional paths (court and prosecutor, legal regulated professions – advocate, legal advisor, notary, Court Enforcement Officer, or consular-legislative path), in which students will take internships in courts, public prosecutor’s offices and legal offices learning the nature of exercising law. This course of study will be complemented by internship in the selected public administration body, including the Ministry of Justice, the school legal counsellor and the Institute of Justice in Warsaw.

SWWS also cooperates with Prof. Dr Jan Sehn Institute of Judicial Expertise in Krakow.


In order to study at a long-cycle, full-time Masters studies, you must hold a Matura certificate and register for studies in the online registration system (IRK).

For registration and admission details click here:  uchwala nr 113/21 senatu Uczelni z dnia 17 lutego 2021 r.

Admission Schedule:

  • 6 April – 7 July 2021 – enrolment in Internetowa Rejestracja Kandydatów IRK; (Internet enrolment website)
  • to 9 July 2021 – providing Matura exam results in IRK by the candidates
  • to 16 July 2021 – announcement of the rank list and selection procedure results
  • to 30 July – lodging of the required documents by the accepted students. Failure to lodge all the required documents results in the candidate being removed from the rank list.
  • 2 August 2021 – announcement of the Admission final results (including quitting candidates)


To 7 July register at Internetowa Rejestracja Kandydatów;

  • download and print out the questionnaire and application form. Deliver it personally or have it delivered in post, by a courier or other third party to SWWS no later than 7 July 2021 at: Szkoła Wyższa Wymiaru Sprawiedliwości ul. Wiśniowa 50, 02-520 Warszawa (the date the documents are received by SWWS will be considered valid).
  • Upload through IRK an up-to-date colour photograph
  • Pay PLN 85 enrolment fee (admission procedure fee). Transfer details:

Szkoła Wyższa Wymiaru Sprawiedliwości,  ul. Wiśniowa 50, 02-520 Warszawa
acc. no.:  Bank BGK   82 1130 1017 0020 1523 5420 0009
amount: PLN 85,00 title: name and surname, opłata rekrutacyjna, Pr.DZ, email address
example: Anna Kowalska, opłata rekrutacyjna, Pr.DZ.,anna.kowalska@poczta.pl

Candidates with documents obtained abroad must additionally provide translation of the document into the Polish language, performed by a sworn translator or certificate of recognition of a foreign document as equivalent to Polish Matura exam issued by a competent Board of Education, as well as the address for service statement.

Entering Matura exam results

To 9 July 2021 candidates must provide Matura exam results through IRK.

Candidates obtaining international High-school leaving diploma upload through IRK the document scan in order for the SWWS administrator to compute the results.

Based on the exams results, the rank points are computed.

The maximum of 8 rank points can be collected from the Matura exam subjects.

Announcement of the Admission final results

Following the analysis of the candidates’ results, no later than 16 July 2021 SWWS shall issue rank lists and announce the admission results.

The information will be available via IRK upon logging in to candidates’ individual accounts.

Lodging the required documents

To 30 July 2021 you are obliged to lodge all the required documents, which include:

  • Matura exam certificate copy with the original version of the document for attestation by SWWS purposes,
  • filled out questionnaire and application form,
  • 20 x 25 mm paper photograph,
  • admission fee payment confirmation in case of the lack of payment.

You can deliver the original documents in person, by post/courier or other third party to SWWS in Warsaw at: 50 Wiśniowa St, 02-050 Warsaw.

Failure to lodge all the required documents shall result in the candidate being removed from the rank list!

On 2 August 2021, SWWS shall announce the information on the admission results, taking into account the candidates who have quit or have been deleted.

Baza dydaktyczna i akademik

Zajęcia dla studentów na kierunku prawo odbywać się będą w budynku przy ulicy Karmelickiej 9 w bliskim sąsiedztwie Starego Miasta i Zamku Królewskiego w Warszawie. W tym miejscu studenci będą mogli także załatwić wszelkie sprawy formalne dotyczące toku studiów. Jest to nowoczesny, kilkupiętrowy budynek, zapewniający wysoki standard prowadzonych zajęć i obsługi administracyjnej. Nowy dom studenta SWWS, położony przy ulicy Belwederskiej 44c, to bardzo komfortowy budynek, położony w bliskim sąsiedztwie „Łazienek Królewskich”.

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Szkoła Wyższa Wymiaru Sprawiedliwości zaprasza na jednolite, publiczne studia magisterskie na kierunku Prawo.

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Siedziba główna
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02-520 Warszawa

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Telefon: +48 22 602 44 14
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Siedziba główna
ul. Wiśniowa 50
02-520 Warszawa

NIP: 5213842228
Regon: 381510697

Telefon: +48 22 602 44 14
Fax: +48 22 641 21 17
E-mail: sekretariat@swws.edu.pl

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